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When Dr. M.C. Bowie established the mobile vet box industry in 1960, it was a truck-dominated world for vets-on-the-go. A couple decades later, SUV’s, vans and minivans became much more popular so Bowie introduced the “slide-in” mobile veterinary clinic in 1985. It was a novel idea: take Bowie’s concept of the “vet office on wheels” and craft it to fit in the back of a van or SUV. It was called the DIPLOMAT and it became a great success with vets around the world. Today, the DIPLOMAT II has seen many improvements but it is still the only of its kind.

Bowie’s DIPLOMAT II is available today in a range of sizes and options which accommodate everything from a compact minivan to a hefty Hummer. Made from a high-quality fiberglass with a gel-coat finish, the unit is made up of many clever compartments to hold the equipment and instruments necessary for work on the road: tools, medicine, water, power and other supplies. An optional refrigerator and night heater work to keep all materials at the right temperature. There are even options for a “cold sterilization” tray, 5 gallon water system, and a pull-out work surface. The fact that all of this fits compactly in the back of the vet’s vehicle is the secret to the DIPLOMAT’s success over the years.

David A. Beischer, DVM is one customer around the world who enjoys the compact features of the DIPLOMAT. His practice in Victoria, Australia depends on the reliability of the unit, which he has installed in a Toyota Kluger (Highlander in the US). “It has added to my pleasure of being a large animal veterinarian,” said Beischer, “I have had many favorable examinations by colleagues and farm clients alike and received several compliments on the appearance and quality of the unit.”